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Alma VascuLife™

The New Minimally Invasive Varicose Vein Laser Treatment with Robotic Pullback

Alma Vasculife

Alma VascuLife™ is changing the endovenous treatment standard by providing the safest and most effective varicose vein solution available.
Alma VascuLife™ features a unique robotic fiber pullback system as well as a 1470nm radial emitting diode for complete and accurate treatment of great and small saphenous veins (GSV, SSV).

Shorter Procedure Time
The robust VascuLife system pulls back the optical fiber during varicose vein treatment in a steady, precise and continuous manner, freeing surgeons from the tedious physical labor required for pullback.
Physicians can monitor the fiber’s course along the vein, controlling the pace and progress of the treatment
while simultaneously treating other smaller varicose veins, substantially shortening procedure time (by one-third on average).

Robotic Pullback Device
Game-changing unique safety features

Time-saving adjustable pullback speeds 
– adjustable for 1, 2, 3, or 4 mm/sec based on vein diameter.

Automatic “Pull & Cool” model
– new treatment modality allowing for pre-set “cooling” breaks at 1 cm intervals.

Robust pullback mechanism
– actively overcomes vein locking.

Vein collapse protection
– ceases pullback action and initiates a ‘standby’ mode when it cannot resolve a pullback setback.

Cost savings
– compatible with the standard grey ‘Venflon’ accessory; no need for dedicated introducer

The 360° Advantage

The unique Angel™ fiber design with 360° emission delivers 1470nm laser energy directly into the venous
wall ensuring homogeneous ablation, immediate sealing of the vein and faster wound healing, with reduced risk of perforations, pain and bruising.

Full Visualization and Control

On-line visualization and control software provides automatic, continuous and complete real-time feedback during the procedure, allowing physicians to control the fiber movement within the vein and monitor the pullback speed as well as the distance accomplished.


Optimum Wavelength

VascuLife uses the 1470nm wavelength which demonstrates a greater water absorption coefficient. This allows for optimal ablation of the vein wall, with less bruising and a lower re-canalization.

The wavelength is ideal for EVLA using tumescent techniques.

Clinical Results

VascuLife Accessories

The VascuLife system with robotic pullback uses standard accessories, thereby reducing procedural costs. With no need for a guide wire, physicians can deploy a standard Venflon throughout the procedure.

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