Luminad Singapore

We are Singapore’s distributor for LUMINAD, a holistic healthcare company specialising in aesthetic and medical laser, HIFU, microdermabrasion and dedicated cosmetic dematology.

Luminad UltraSPA

This is a non-invasive skin maintenance system that performs 3 actions to dissolve impurities
and other skin complications.
It supplies various nourishment to the skin, resulting in reduced pore size and re-vitalized skin.

1. Deep Cleansing

Emitted solution will circulate in whirlpool motion for longer contact duration

2. Hydro Peeling

Circular motion rather than linear, solution penetrates deeper and faster

3. Edge Line Solutions

Rapidly absorbed solution will dissolve impurities deep in the skin




Peeling with Hydration and Vacuum Suction.

– Gentle removal of dead stratum corneum, supplying hydration and exfoliation without dryness.


Remove Sebum without squeezing or needling
– A procedure without discomfort or irritation, with dramatic results right after treatment.


Non-Ablative Microdermabrasion
– Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment without downtime.


Treatment Results


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